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We help people identify, protect, and preserve their personal goals and choices.

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Estate planning

Working with you to identify your personal goals, we will prepare an estate plan that will manage your estate during your lifetime, plan for incapacity or changes in financial circumstances, and distribute your estate after your death.

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Trust administration

Representing the trustee, we work with the trustee of a trust to navigate and carry out the administration the trust according to the trust document and the trustee’s fiduciary obligations.



Probate is the process of having the court appoint a legal representative to identify property, pay debts and taxes, and supervise the transfer of property to beneficiaries after a person has died.

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Conservatorship is a protective proceeding in which the court appoints a conservator to manage a person’s personal care or financial affairs, or both, when the court determines that a person no longer has legal capacity to do so for himself or herself, or that the person is unable to resist undue influence.

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Guardianship is a protective proceeding in which the court appoints a guardian to have custody of and manage the personal care of a minor, and/or manage the financial estate of a minor.

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Special needs planning

Special needs planning concerns the lifetime financial and personal care for a person with a disability, and involves tools such as special needs trusts, public benefits, and appointment of a legal representative to manage affairs for the person with a disability.



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