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How we do it

Every good plan starts with a conversation. Together, we will find the right solutions for your unique needs—walking you through the decision-making and implementation process every step of the way.



Frequently asked questions


Is there a charge for the initial consultation?

Each prospective client has a unique situation and processes information for assessing their need for legal services differently. Sometimes a phone call is all you need. If you request a consultation meeting to collect information and assess a prospective engagement, the consultation is conducted at the attorney’s normal hourly rate.

What kind of information will you need me to provide up front?

For estate plans, we provide a comprehensive questionnaire to review with you at the initial meeting. At a minimum, you would need to provide any prior estate planning documents, as well as basic information about what is included in the estate.

For conservatorship matters, each situation is unique and it is often most productive for you to have an initial consultation meeting to determine how the conservatorship law will apply to your situation.

For estate and trust administration matters, the relevant wills and/or trusts are required, as well as any codicils or amendments. Information about each of the assets held by the estate and/or trust, as well as information on all of the beneficiaries, will be required.

What do your legal services cost?

Estate plans are generally done on a flat fee basis. All other services are provided on an hourly basis. We recommend that you call our office to determine the fee that will apply to your particular situation.

How do I get started?

You are free to contact us directly by phone at 650-383-8471. Or, if you would prefer that we contact you, please submit our contact form and we will reach out to you, generally within one business day.



“Barbara is a seasoned, responsive, and compassionate professional and a tough opponent in the courtroom—where she’s thoroughly familiar with the local procedures and players.”

—Client, Santa Clara County Conservatorship and Trust matter



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